Small Business Email Marketing – Getting Your Business off the Ground

When you start a small business, the first thing on your mind is working out how to expand as quickly as possible. We have all heard the saying that it takes money to money, but if you spend everything you have on marketing your business, quite frankly you could end up without a business to market.  In order to create an effective marketing strategy, many businesses have turned to small business email marketing.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

The first advantage is rather obvious.  Email does not require the purchase of paper and postage, not only saving money, but also the environment.  In addition, small business email marketing saves time, since there is no need to stuff envelopes or fold brochures.  Another advantage is that the process can be automated, without the need to manually type in each recipient’s email address.

Autoresponders as a Marketing Tool

One of the best things about using autoresponders is that there is no need to babysit an email account, in order to respond to your clients.  This is a huge advantage in small business email marketing, since it allows the business owner more time to run the business.  The premise is simple; a client sends an email to the business and the autoresponder immediately responds, letting the client know their email request was received and that their concerns are being addressed.

In addition to the courtesy of providing a response, the autoresponder can add the client’s email address to a contact list, helping to build a solid client base.  This usually occurs when a client opts-in to receive future emails from the business.  In small business email marketing, the opt-in list allows the business to send notifications of new products, coupons, discount offers, and helpful information.

When your clients opt-in to receive your email, you improve your chances of getting your message across, since the client asked for the information and is more likely to read the content.  This can help make your small business email marketing efforts more effective than other conventional methods of marketing, and it can give you a better return on investment for your advertising and marketing plan.