High Impact Email Templates

Over the last few months we have received several inquiries regarding professional email templates. You know, the type of email that you see in your inbox that looks like incredibly good looking web pages. Well, when I decided to open Site Steering to the public I decided that I didn't want to add the expense of offering the fancy looking templates to the web site, opting instead to keep prices ridiculously low for our customers. It didn't occur to me at that time that I could do both, and after reading some of the inquiries I decided to look into it further.

We have now partnered with Template Zone to offer their award winning High Impact Email template software. The Template Zone software will make it super easy for you to design the great looking email that you want to send to your customers. After you create your design, simply copy the HTML code and paste it into the HTML email that you are creating in your Site Steering control panel. Make sure that you switch the view to HTML, so that the autoresponder saves it correctly.

Great looking, high impact email template software.


You can create great looking email for your newsletters, invitations, coupon offers, special sales, your social network - the list is endless really, limited only by your own imagination. Simply add your logo, your content, and pick your color scheme. Copy and paste the HTML into your Site Steering autoresponder and you are ready to make a great impression. It really is just about that simple. This High Impact Email software could save you both time and money if you have been creating your HTML email from scratch.

Lastly, I want to give you one more note here, just to be sure that you are covering your bases. There are some schools of thought that insist that plain text email delivers higher response rates than HTML email. The logic, most predominant in Internet Marketing circles, claims that recipients are distracted by fancy looking email and that there are only a few seconds to capture the recipient's attention, that massive numbers of people now collect their email on smart phones where bandwidth is often an issue, and that the primary objective of the email is to entice the recipient to click a link in the email and deliver that recipient as an interested visitor to a sales page. I'm not taking sides here, it is simply important for you to evaluate your own prospect's profile and make your own decisions. In fact, most email that you see that appears to be plain text email is really HTML email - if it has a clickable link in the email body, it is HTML email. To sum up, evaluate the best type of email for your specific recipient, and then deliver that type of email to him or her.