Email Marketing Tips: The Benefits of Email Marketing

Every consumer business or retailer that operates online should consider the benefits of email marketing. This form of correspondence is a type of direct marketing that uses the Internet in order to reach a broad customer base.  Therefore, email marketing is utilized for:

  • Sending email with the idea of promoting one’s business or entity in order to earn trust and a loyal following;
  • Sending advertising to encourage special sales and promotions; and
  • Sending email correspondence with advertisements that are sent to customers in their demographic.

A Million-Dollar Business

Millions of dollars are spent each year on email marketing. Therefore, like snail mail direct marketing, email direct marketing pays, and creates a “win-win” situation for the marketer, as well as the firms who provide email marketing services.

A Better Return on Investment

Naturally, there are a number of benefits, as well as disadvantages, when you look at the use of email marketing for promotions as compared to advertising the old-fashioned way, or by means of regular mail services. However, the benefits outweigh any disadvantages when you look at the ROI you receive by using email marketing. In fact, only search marketing ranks higher than email marketing with respect to tracking responses or generating consumer interest for products or services.

A Cost-effective Approach

Plus, with email marketing, you waste less time and money as the email is sent only to recipients who have chosen to opt-in to your promotional materials and information. Given that approximately 50% of the people online check their email on a daily basis, it is easy to see why email marketing is a select way to promote your products or services. Digital marketers should make full use of email marketing with respect to cost-effectiveness and potential profit for their business or concern.

Receipt of Emails – Still a Concern

Of course, one must consider the drawbacks of using email marketing to secure leads and new business. Deliverability can still be a problem. Typically, the delivery rate is a little over fifty percent, with approximately ten percent of that amount filtered and about twenty percent rejected. This is why it is so important that your customers and prospects opt-in to your list. When a person opts-in, essentially requesting your information, your delivery rate goes up dramatically. In addition to the features that you want from your email marketing provider, you need to make sure that the email that is being sent is CAN-SPAM compliant. CAN-SPAM compliant headers and using only opt-in email lists will help give you the highest delivery rate achievable.

No Spam Policy

When you choose a company that provides email marketing services, it is important to ensure their reliability. Companies offering email marketing should abide by the anti-spam laws, as set out by CAN-SPAM, as well as the acceptable use policy of their service provider. Site Steering, and other reputable autoresponder providers, provide the foundation for CAN-SPAM complient email marketing. If you choose an autoresponder system without these CAN-SPAM safeguards your delivery rate will suffer substantially.

Opt-in Advertising

Opt-in advertising is basically permission marketing, and thus, an essential part of any email marketing campaign. Therefore, any opt-in email that is sent is not considered spam. With opt-in advertising, the email marketer can optimally make use of direct email marketing. Opt-in email, by definition, is an email message that the customer expects to receive.

Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Email Marketing for your Own Business or Organization

As a result, unlike unsolicited promotions, opt-in material is more relevant to the recipient, thereby making it an ideal way to market a product or service. Don’t overlook its benefits for your own business or organization.