Email Marketing Tips: Drip Marketing And Autoresponders – Use This Tool In Email Campaigns

Many email marketing campaigns use a promotional strategy that is referred to as drip marketing. The term is derived from “drip irrigation,” as used in agriculture or gardening - a process that uses small amounts (drips) of water to irrigate plants. Drip marketing then drips or sends messages that have been pre-written to prospects and customers over set intervals – the content of which is considered direct email marketing. This strategy is also used for sending out mailers or sales letters via snail mail as well. Drip marketing is frequently utilized for online campaigns because it is much more cost-efficient snail mail.

Make Use of an Autoresponder for Drip Marketing

With respect to email marketing, drip messages are sent out online, at preset times, to effect a specific response or in reply to a particular behavior of the recipient. Therefore, messages are timed with respect to when they are delivered. As mentioned, drip marketing, via email, is inexpensive in relation to the number of messages that are sent. This type of marketing often incorporates the use of an autoresponder. An autoresponder, in basic terms, is a program that instantly answers any email that it receives. Smart autoresponders, such as Site Steering can be pre-programmed with an unlimited numder of follow-up messages.

Using Autoresponders for Email Messaging

Autoresponders were first made for mail transfer agents (MTA's). MTA's indicate which emails cannot be delivered to an online address by creating what are called bounce messages. In email marketing, autoresponders are used for purposes of customer follow-up and to supply information to prospective clients.

Keeping the Line of Communication Open

Autoresponders, most of which are outsourced, can also be integrated with mailing list software to verify posts and keep track of the subscribers. Therefore, for purposes of drip marketing, autoresponders provide a handy way to stay in touch, on a consistent basis, with people that fall into your company’s target demographic.

Extending your Email Campaign to Social Media Sites

You can extend drip marketing and direct email marketing to social media as well. Software has been designed that permits users to send messages at certain times over popular social sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be used to deliver promotional messages via email and post messages over social sites.

Lead Generation

Drip marketing can also be used to create and qualify leads. Drip marketing, via email, creates an automated approach that can substiture for individual follow-up. Through the use of autoresponder messages, new leads are generated and added to the prospect and customer databases.

Using Autoresponders – Integrate their Use with Personal Follow-up

Using autoresponders in a drip marketing email campaign adds to the effectiveness of online marketing, as the consistent use of the messaging helps keep your company’s name out in front of the customer or prospect. However, using an autoresponder alone may not be enough to achieve the results you desire. For example, if you sell life insurance, there is a good chance that you will still need to integrate personal follow-up into your overall marketing approach even though an autoresponder plays an integral part in your marketing effort. On the other hand, some business types, such as Internet marketing, may lend themselves more completely to a direct email marketing program.