Email Marketing Tips: Double Opt-In – Organizing An Email Campaign

When you develop an email campaign, it just makes good sense to make sure that you are sending out your emails to the people that have given you their full permission for the receipt of this type of information from you. In turn, you will be rewarded with an increase in conversion rates and people who genuinely like getting the content that you send.

It’s All about Value and Credibility

Email marketing is no longer a process where you simply send out one promotional offer after another, to those in your customer base, in the hopes that someone on that list will be motivated to purchase your goods or services. Doing this type of aggressive marketing will only drive your subscribers away. Email marketing is all about presenting a product or service that provides real value to your customers. To establish a loyal following of customers you need to keep that one salient point in mind. Building a credible image is a big part of the investment that you make when deploying an email marketing campaign.

Always Make Sure that your Prospects want to Receive your Mailings

Double opt-in marketing also lends to your credibility as a business and a marketer. When you use double opt-in, any prospect who visits your site, and fills in their email, will also receive an email from your business autoresponder asking them to confirm the fact that they want to be included on your email list. Therefore, double opt-in marketing makes better use of your time, as well as the time of anyone who visits your site, and helps eliminate fraudulent signups and spam complaints.

Organizing your Campaign – Autoresponder Software

Anyone who regularly receives a number of visitors to their site is in a good position to develop an email marketing plan. However, before you make that leap, make sure that you have an autoresponder program established for gathering the names and email addresses of the people that browse your site. Also, make sure you implement an autoresponder software that will help convert the people that visit the site into first-time customers, such as Site Steering Smart Autoresponders. By using this approach, you can better organize and categorize all the emails that you send.

Compiling a List of Buyers

You should send one type of email message to your established customers and another type of message to your potential customers. Segregate your lists, so that you can compile targeted lists of buyers, prospects, tire kickers, etc. Some autoresponder software, such as Site Steering Smart Autoresponders, can help you manage your lists automatically. For example, when a person on your prospect list decides to make a purchase, a smart autoresponder will automatically remove that subscriber from your prospect list AND add them to your buyer list instantly at the time of purchase.

A Formula that Works

If you want to stay competitive with other businesses, then you will need to make full use of double opt-in email marketing. As indicated in this and my other posts, marketing via email is not a shot in the dark. You need to base your efforts on a plan that will increase your visibility, as well as earn the trust and respect of those who buy your product or service. After all, you are in business to make money, right? You will want to follow techniques that have been proven to work, with respect to online marketing, to help insure your odds of success. Permission-based, or double opt-in marketing is the best direct email marketing method to help your profits improve and increase your authority within the online community.