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Email Marketing Tips: Drip Marketing And Autoresponders – Use This Tool In Email Campaigns

Many email marketing campaigns use a promotional strategy that is referred to as drip marketing. The term is derived from “drip irrigation,” as used in agriculture or gardening – a process that uses small amounts (drips) of water to irrigate plants. Drip marketing then drips or sends messages that have been pre-written to prospects and…

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Email Marketing Tips: No Spam Marketing

When you make use of email for purposes of online marketing, you’ll need to maintain a database of opt-in customers. These are individuals who have given their consent to be added to your email marketing list. Many times, these names are gathered at the point of purchase on your web site or at the cash…

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Email Marketing Tips: Double Opt-In – Organizing An Email Campaign

When you develop an email campaign, it just makes good sense to make sure that you are sending out your emails to the people that have given you their full permission for the receipt of this type of information from you. In turn, you will be rewarded with an increase in conversion rates and people who genuinely like getting the content that you…

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Email Marketing Tips: Is Your Business Meeting Its Goals? Use Email Marketing To Achieve Objectives

Email marketing is one of the top ways a business can showcase their services and products. What’s more, they can track consumer response and lead generation using this approach as well. Whether the business is sizable or a small non-profit, email marketing as a vehicle to achieve substantial results is good for:

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Email Marketing Tips: The Benefits of Email Marketing

Every consumer business or retailer that operates online should consider the benefits of email marketing. This form of correspondence is a type of direct marketing that uses the Internet in order to reach a broad customer base.  Therefore, email marketing is utilized for:

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