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Email & Text Marketing: Modern Miracles For Pennies On The Dollar

The most fascinating aspect of mobile text marketing is that it makes email marketing seem old. Email direct marketing makes direct (snail) mail seem ancient. Modern technological miracles seem routine to twenty somethings, and for those of us that were old enough to get on-board in the 1980’s and 90’s, well, we figured out how to…

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High Impact Email Templates

Over the last few months we have received several inquiries regarding professional email templates. You know, the type of email that you see in your inbox that looks like incredibly good looking web pages. Well, when I decided to open Site Steering to the public I decided that I didn’t want to add the expense…

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Small Business Email Marketing – Getting Your Business off the Ground

When you start a small business, the first thing on your mind is working out how to expand as quickly as possible. We have all heard the saying that it takes money to money, but if you spend everything you have on marketing your business,

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Email Marketing To Help Build Your Business

Building your business requires an effective marketing strategy in order to obtain clients, and to keep them.  Whether your business is offline or online, building a solid customer base is the only way to grow your business and make your business more profitable.  There are many different ways to market your business, and using a combination of techniques will help…

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Email Marketing Tips: Drip Marketing And Autoresponders – Use This Tool In Email Campaigns

Many email marketing campaigns use a promotional strategy that is referred to as drip marketing. The term is derived from “drip irrigation,” as used in agriculture or gardening – a process that uses small amounts (drips) of water to irrigate plants. Drip marketing then drips or sends messages that have been pre-written to prospects and…

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